What I’m listening to in my car right now ….

Diana Krall – Live in Paris (love her … and her husband, Elvis)

Michael Buble – Hollywood (can’t help it, I like him)

Corinne Bailey Rae – her first album (she’s amazing, saw her at The Pearl in The Palms)

The Four Seasons – The Very Best of (so perfect, and nostalgic … and great to sing and drive to .. love “Jersey boys’)

Mariah Carey – Daydream (her first, and best … it still stands up, every single song)

Adele – Adele 21 (hands down, best album of the year … she’s spectacular)


7/24/11 – Tony Bennett @ The Pearl in The Palms – the minute he hit the stage, I began to cry, it just occurred to me that this is the last time I would see him in person, he’s 85.  He was in great voice, altho he fluffed lyrics in one song and hit a couple of bad notes … but no one really cared, he was fun, charasmatic and touching … a couple of times he asked for the house lights and hugged himself, acknowledging the audience’s obvious love of him … in the middle of another song an audience member shouted “sing it Tony” and he shouted back “what the hell do you think I’m doing?” … the place went up for grabs … several standing ovations and it was over much too quickly, only an hour … but one of the best hours of my life.  The next generation will never see or hear this kind of concert … they will have their music idols, but Tony and Frank are mine.  Big love to Bree and Raul for taking me … it was Raul’s birthday gift to me … an amazing dinner before, and hilarious drinks at Playboy after … GREAT NIGHT!

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