1/25/13 – Yikes … been forever since I wrote here …..apologies … and thanks for checking in again.  Here we go:

MOVIES I LOVED THE PAST YEAR – Argo – Django Unchained – Lincoln – Life of Pi – Skyfall – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Hope Springs –

MOVIES I LIKED THE PAST YEAR – Les Miserables – Silver Lining Playbook – Zero Dark Thirty –

MOVIES I’M SORRY I SAW THE PAST YEAR – Moonrise Kingdom – Cloud Atlas – Trouble With The Curve – Perks of Being A Wallflower – Odd Life of Timothy Green – Pitch Perfect (walked out after the projectile vomit scene, 10 minutes into it .. I never walk out of a movie, but ugh)

MOVIES I’M SORRY I MISSED THE PAST YEAR – Beasts of the Southern Wild – Sessions – Arbitraus – Brave – Amour  (I don’t rent, not sure why)


Lincoln deserves to win Best Picture, Director, Screenwriter and Actor

Best Actress – not a clue

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway … no one worked harder or deserves it more than her

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz (altho it was nice to see DeNiro in a role he deserved, and put some muscle into it, and Hugh Jackman was terrific)

Life of Pi – should win every single technical award … hands down … gorgeous film … Ang Lee is a true genius

Soooooo wish Eddie Murphy would make a good, funny movie again … one made me laugh harder, not sure what happened to his genius, but I miss it.  And … he totally deserved to win Supporting Actor in Dreamgirls …..he was cheated, big time!

Thanks …….see you sooner …………….and Happy New Year!


Lots to talk about here … I worked in many studios and have tons of great stories … but I’m just gonna write a few comments tonight.

I consider RAGING BULL the best movie ever made … but I don’t want to see it again … gorgeous, brilliant, but just too sad and painful to watch.

Scorsese is my favorite director, plus I love him because he’s so passionate about movie-making … and knows everything there is to know about it … and he’s done so much to restore films that would have been lost.  I met him at Disney … when he went into the meeting, I peeked into his garment bag … small suits!   He’s also made some movies that I couldn’t stand … “The King of Comedy” and “The Last Temptation of Christ” to name a couple.     When I worked at Disney for Jane Rosenthal (now Tribeca partner with DeNiro) her second  movie was “Color of Money” … can you imagine …she went to Chicago and sat between Scorsese, Newman and Cruise …she said it was amazing.  I have a tape of Scorsese directing Cruise and an unknown actress he wanted for the female lead, the studio said she was too young for Newman to flirt with, they gave it to Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Speaking of DeNiro … he was always my favorite actor, I love so many of his films and performances  … then inexplicably, he made so much crap  … and he’s not funny, that corny laugh is painful.   I spoke to him briefly when I worked at Western Costume Company … he came in for a fitting, I waved hi, he said Jane Rosenthal had told him I worked there … seemed very nice.  I still love him.

Another movie I thought was brilliant, but swore I’d never watch again … “Johnny Got His Gun” … I worked for Allen, Ingersoll and Weber in the early 70’s, PR company that was repping it … they also thought it was the most brilliant movie no one wanted to see and couldn’t figure out how to sell it.   It was written by Dalton Trumbo, who I spoke to on the phone .. he’s Hollywood history i.e. the black list.  Met many many A-list actors here.

To be continued ………

7/19/11 – saw MIDNIGHT IN PARIS last week … what a colossal disappointment!  I know I’m in the minority here … but Owen Wilson was so miscast that it completely took me out of the movie.  It was gorgeous and I loved the story … but Woody should have cast someone else as Woody … anyone else!

10/26/11MONEYBALL, maybe Brad Pitt’s best ever performance.  IDES OF MARCH …. loved every frame of it ……Clooney is a fabulous director, and very generous … most of the face time in this movie went to Ryan Gosling.

Also think Ben Affleck is a terrific director, THE TOWN and GONE BABY GONE are fantastic .. can’t wait to see what he does next.

11/12/11TOWER HEIST, completely disappointing … Ben Stiller was terrific, Eddie Murphy (who I love) was too over the top, if that’s possible … Alan Alda, wonderful, as always … but, dull script and after a while I didn’t care at all what happened.

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