1/25/13 – It’s been a few months and oddly enough, my list remains almost the same …however:

HOMELAND – Second season was a complete disappointment … hated the storyline of the teenage daughter who is annoying and improbable, complete distraction of what was so good initially… like the car accident and her mothers secret boyfriend actually taking her to see the dead woman’s daughter … DUH!  But, the very last episode was terrific, they may have redeemed themselves … if season 3 can repeat season 1 with intelligent writing and more interesting storylines, preferably without the teenager.  Mandy Patinkin always seems to rise above the material.

NEWSROOM – By the end of the season it was also disappointing … have no clue why Maggie is interesting to 2 men that are smart and successful and crazy about her … why??

RIZZOLI & ISLES – is losing it’s luster for me … Angie Harmon is terrific, so is Lorraine Bracco … however Sasha Alexander (Dr. Isles) character is no longer quirky, it’s totally corny and annoying.   Cases aren’t clever, fun, or unique,  just the same old stuff.

ELEMENTARY – Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are fantastic … great chemistry, terrific writing and great storylines, hope it lasts a long time.

CALL THE MIDWIFE – Another winner on PBS … initially didn’t think I’d like it, but it totally won me over … lovely characters, writing and heart!

NASHVILLE – Not sure how I feel about it, but still watching because I love Connie Britton (and still miss Friday Night Lights)… think Hayden Panetierre and Eric Close are miscast … kind of corny, but great music, the fabulous T-Bone Burnett … and Clare Bowen’s singing is wonderful … Charles Esten is completely watchable.

VEGAS – This show has definitely captured the “Mob” years in Las Vegas … Michael Chiklis steals every scene he’s in, Dennis Quaid is terrific, and so is Jason O’Mara … gorgeous sets and costumes and interesting storylines  … I am definitely living in Las Vegas in the wrong era!

GRAHAM NORTON SHOW – Saturday nites on BBC … very funny show … Letterman, Leno, etc. could learn a few things from him … his guests are never stiff or uncomfortable because Norton is so likable  and funny, the show is completely unique and entertaining …  everyone does this show   Always has interesting musical guests not seen on ‘this side of the pond’.

LEGIT – The most disgustingly funny show on TV ……Jim Jefferies is a completely hilarious degenerate and DJ Qualls has more guts than any actor on TV … i.e. he’s in a wheelchair, close to death .. and talks them into taking him to a whore house before he dies … they do, and what ensues  is some of the funniest stuff ever on TV.

Thanks for reading …….see you next time!


9/22/12 – Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote on this page … here’s what’s on my DVR list today:

HOMELAND – without a doubt, the best show on TV … brilliant writing, great story and characters, fantastic actors, I dare you to not watch it once you’ve checked it out.

SOUTHLAND – love this show, can’t wait til it returns … and Regina King is a family friend, lovely woman.

NEWSROOM – started out amazing, now, hoping the new season is better than the first one ended … hate the way Sorkin writes the women.

LONGMIRE – wasn’t sure when it started, now I’m addicted … can’t wait til it returns.  Kinda dark and unusual for a western, even a modern day one.

SCANDAL – really love it, definitely a guilty pleasure.

THE BORGIAS – again, great guilty pleasure and Jeremy Irons is spectacular … I knew the Catholic church had a shady past, but who knew it was this dark?

MAD MEN – what can I say, everyone loves this show … spicy, beautifully written and produced and great acting … hope it lasts another few seasons.

SUITS – great writing, fantastic characters, a must see for me … can’t wait til it returns.

JUSTIFIED – completely missed the first 2 seasons,  tuned in for season 3 and totally addicted ……..dark, completely compelling and so well written/acted.

PARENTHOOD – love the characters, so real and interesting, the writing is perfect  and so is the acting … disappointed every year that it doesn’t get Emmy noms.

PERSON OF INTEREST – finally, a completely  fresh concept never done before … fun and well done show.

BLUE BLOODS – nothing fresh or new about this show, but I love the family dynamic and always love Tom Selleck … and Donny Wahlberg, a must see for me.

GOOD WIFE – great show, characters, actors and writing … sexy, compelling and perfectly cast … and who doesn’t want to see Michael J Fox play a smart, shady lawyer??

TREME – I’ve only been to New Orleans once, but it has stayed with me … the city is sexy, dangerous, musical and oh that food … and that’s what the show is to me.

CASTLE – kind of a throwback to the Thin Man movies, which I’ve always liked … improbable, attractive, lovable characters and another guilty pleasure.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE – love this show, writing, characters, actors, scripts … who thought Steve Buscemi could be a creepy, romantic leading man … miss Michael Pitt!

MASTERPIECE THEATER … great stuff … Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, etc. … and now the new Kenneth Branagh series, WALLENDER, very dark and compelling!

MAJOR CRIMES – didn’t think THE CLOSER could be followed up by another great show, but they did it … besides the great cast, really well done storylines & writing.

COVERT AFFAIRS – another addictive show, great concept well done … good actors and scripts … and a cliff hanger every week … who could resist that?

PERCEPTION – still not sure about this show, but it’s different and it’s nice to see Eric McCormack in this kind of role, however, Rachel Leigh Cook is totally miscast.

RIZZOLI & ISLES – silly, but totally likable … love Angie Harmon in this role, but wish they would write Dr. Isles a little less corny and ‘know everything’.

SMASH – another silly, likable show … always loved Angelica Huston, however, Katherine McPhee’s love interest, Raza Jaffrey, is so miscast, absolutely no chemistry.

LOUIS – just tuned into this dramedy and love it … great writing and Louis is  fantastic, and David Lynch is hilarious … wish I could have caught it from the beginning.

SNL – this year may end up being almost as good as the original cast … great skits and cast … the Seth MacFarlane show was hilarious … I’m hooked again.

MODERN FAMILY – have to admit, it’s getting a little tired for me … I’m not an easy laugh and this show made me laugh for a couple of seasons … now not so much.

GO ON – new show with Matthew Perry and a cast of great characters and a wonderful concept … like it a lot … hope it holds up.

THE NEW NORMAL – really funny show with heart, but the characters are so UNUSUAL, it might grow old  … hope not, nice to see Ellen Barkin in a bitchy role on TV.

WEB THERAPY – really funny show … hilarious storyline and unbelievable guests … Lisa Kudrow, Meryl Streep, Minnie Driver, Lily Tomlin, Conan O’Brien & dozens more.

NURSE JACKIE – it’s Edie Falco, I’d watch her in anything ……and this show is perfect for her … looking forward to the new season.

CBS MORNING SHOW – no more Today since the Ann Curry incident – this is smarter, better looking, and CHARLIE ROSE with real news, not cooking or style segments.

CBS SUNDAY MORNING – can’t start my Sunday without it … fun, unusual and smart stories well told … even the Toaster Convention was fun to watch!

THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART   – agree with his politics, and writing is brilliant which is why they won 16 Emmys … so far!

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER – agree with his politics, don’t like his monolog at the beginning, but love the panel stuff … if I don’t like the panel, I don’t watch it.

REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL – I’m not a sports enthusiast, but that’s not what this is about … athlete back stories well told, never miss it.

60 MINUTES – after all these years, still viable … however, now I only watch the segments that interest me.

DOGS IN THE CITY – go figure, an adorable NY guy that talks to dogs … fun stuff, interesting problems … and it’s produced by an old co-worker.

10/26/11 – Hmmm…. the new season mostly stinks ……..but do love PRIME SUSPECT, HOMELAND, PARENTHOOD … like 2 BROKE GIRLS, AGAINST THE WALL, REVENGE, PERSON OF INTEREST and a couple of more

8/29/11QVC – I’m still watching it in the bathroom when I shower, or get dressed … one of the funniest shows ever.  So, the other day MARIE OSMOND is having the 20th anniversary of her doll collection, yes that’s a special occasion … go figure.    And in the live audience (rarely)… there were men and women with her dolls on their laps .. what??  Yep, as if they wanted them to be blessed by the pope … it was the weirdest thing ever.  She was dressed in hot pink, with matching shoes … and her new giant hot pink  bag with a giant doll face on it … everyone in the audience was getting a free one filled with goodies … the audience screamed in delight!  She laughed continuously, it made me nuts … a very loud, kind of shriek.   They presented dozens of dolls, and they aren’t cheap … all of them her favorite … and just to prove she would never make this particular doll again (so everyone would scramble to buy it asap) … she got up, grabbed a hammer, and smashed the form … oh, what showmanship!  Again, the audience screamed with approval.   BUT, who am I to make fun … she’s made 1500 designs in 20 years and sold over 3 million dolls.    I guess she’d have to … she has 8 kids!

WHAT I’M WATCHING ….(mostly DVR’d to skip thru commercials)

Today Show – excellent, likable hosts, good news and stories … too many commercial breaks

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams – always thought he was too serious, til I saw him on SNL, he’s hilarious

CBS News Sunday Morning – love love this show, every minute of it

60 Minutes – depending on the stories

In Plain Sight – great concept, terrific writing and cast, nothing else like it

Treme – I love all things New Orleans and this really gets to the spirit of the city and people and the music is sensational

Castle – light fluff, totally entertaining and good chemistry between the leads … The Mentalist is a pale duplicate

NCIS LA – like it much better than the original … the back stories of the characters are so interesting

Modern Family – the only real comedy on television

Blue Bloods – love all things Tom Selleck,  the family stuff is worth the show, great cast, although improbable that an entire family would work the same cases.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel – not a sports enthusiast, but these stories are so heartfelt and unusual … and I’ve always loved Bryant G.

Good Wife – naturally … great writing, sexy,  and excellent cast, so happy Alicia is now smiling (maybe because she’s finally gonna get laid)

Graham Norton Show – he cracks me up, his audience is a riot, great guests and always new and unusual musical guests … think Paoli Nutini, Imelda Mae Mayhem, etc.

Chicago Code – one of the best new shows in a long time, love the Chicago locations and politics, great writing and acting – SO PISSED IT’S CANCELLED!

The Borgias – like it, don’t love it …. it’s my jones for The Tudors, which I loved!!

Nurse Jackie – love Edie Falco, although her character is so unlikable, it’s sometimes hard to watch … but ….

Friday Night Lights – totally love every single actor, character and script … REALLY PISSED IT’S CANCELLED!

The Voice – the ONLY reality show I’ve ever watched … I’m hooked!

Saturday Night Live – depending on the hosts … i.e. Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Alec Baldwin, Christopher Walken, etc etc.

Chelsea Lately – she’s scandolously funny, smart and totally lovable although she crosses the line constantly … not to be missed!

Oh ….and what I watch in the bathroom while I’m dressing, showering, makeup, etc. ……QVC, some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen on tv … last week a woman pushing old lady tops said that if you added a scarf to this lovely ensemble … you can go to any restaurant and order a cobb salad and glass of white wine (but only if you bought the scarf)!  Today a tall, bearded designer with lite loafers,  was selling his shoulderless tops and flowing skirts when a woman with a boozy voice called in (which they encourage, they like customers to tell  viewers how much they love their purchases) …  repeatedly told the designer how sexy he was, and to never shave that beard, and she only bought his clothes because he was so sexy … he had no way out.  The other day an exotic dark skinned brunette was selling her makeup line, she was fantastic … it did everything, made you younger, tighter, prettier, thinner, smarter, etc. ..  it was even bulletproof!    I’ve considered buying a mattress, BBQ ribs, trail mix, a vacuum, linens, jewelry, bakery and garden gloves ………….


Dancing With The Stars – a mindless half hour show stretched out to an hour or longer, that has nothing to do with who’s the best dancer … just a popularity contest … same as American Idol … ugh!  Actually all the creepy, dumb, reality shows that are taking work from talented writers, directors and producers, etc.

Ellen – used to be a fun, charming hour, now some sort of embarrass-the-audience show,  with an occasional good guest, if you can sort thru the dumb games and table dancing.

Judge Judy – mean spirited woman, who’s goal seems to be to belittle the goofy people dumb enough to put their cases in front of her.  Kinda like Dr. Phil.

The networks who have cancelled brilliant shows without giving them a chance to grow an audience … or for example Tuesdays at 10pm … The Good Wife, Parenthood, Body of Proof, Justified, all on at the same time … instead of moving one or two of them to Wednesday or Thursday, where there’s nothing at all worth watching.   And their blind adulation of the 18-40 year olds, who they think are the target demographic.  HELLO … older viewers have more money and spend more time actually watching television.

My thoughts right now … many more to come .

7/16/11 … I can’t believe TNT cancelled MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE … one of the very best shows on television … great writing, flawless acting … MORONS!

6/14/11 – So here’s what happened when I finally gave in AND ORDERED UGLY CLARK WALKING SHOES FROM QVC … UPS dropped them off at my door, and someone stole them!  And that’s never happened before, I’ve lived here 5 years ……..wonder what that means? ………the saga continues … I put a sign by the mailboxes about the theft … no comments.  After 12 days, my neighbor commented on the sign and said how awful it was … and that his wife ordered from QVC all the time and nothing has ever been taken from in front of his house!  BINGO .. a few minutes later he came out of his house carrying my shoes … seems the UPS guy left them in front of his place by mistake … he took them inside and put them on his dining room table, never looking at the label, just assuming the package was for his wife …. 12 days that box sat there unopened!!!  WEIRD!

9 responses to “Television

  • Bree

    I don’t watch tv much but the mamu is an expert…although you didn’t mention your obsession with QVC…I guess thats a whole other section in itself! Loved this you are Siskel…or Ebert…well, you know the skinny one…wait, one of ’em passed away…DAMMIT, nevermind.


  • Ann Gallucci

    I’m hooked the voice as well……amazing talent!!!!

  • Frank Garibaldi

    That’s funny about the shoes from QVC – personally I love TRU TV and A&E – two favorite shows are “Hard Core Pawn” and “Parking Wars” – what can I say

  • Frank Garibaldi

    By the way, Judy – I love this web-site

    • taylorandracine

      Thanks, Frank … I love the feedback. i hate all reality TV, except The Voice, not crazy about Tru TV either ..,. we have totally different taste I guess. I love Treme, In Plain Sight, Friday Night Lights, The Closer, shows like that.

  • Lois L. Waterhouse

    I saw that show too. Marie said she loved Pink. She kinda looked like cotton candy. She is definitely wealthy if you wanted that bag you would have to pay for it and they sold out of it. Her hair was unusual. Mally ws on over the weekend too with that bullet proof makeuo. It doesn’t work I tried it out.

    • taylorandracine

      OMG, I couldn’t believe the audience, past middle age with dolls on their laps, and that laugh made me nuts. But … she’s making lots of $$ … I just don’t get it.
      I LOVE that makeup woman, I think she could sell anything …

  • Laura

    Not much into TV myself, but you picked out some good ones. Especially like Castle, oh, and Bones.

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