Rush Street music


Definitely one of the best bands, they were amazing  … they played the Theatre above The Pussycat … and yes, one of them was a boyfriend, but I’m not telling … he was a jerk…



 LOVED THEM …. although this photo doesn’t do them justice … nice guys from the east coast … and oh yeah, Paul Younger was divine!


 GREAT GROUP … Minnie Riperton, come on!  Someone that was a huge part of my life at that time is in this photo …big love, broken heart.


Very popular Rush St. group, everyone loved them …. Cal David, Paul Cotton (who is now with Poco)…unfortunately, don’t remember the others.


 Good group … good guys …. east coast …. Jack later joined the Younger Brothers …wow, that was amazing!


 No one could pronounce or spell their name ………. they played The Whiskey.


Kind of the first boy band …. totally different than what was happening at the time … nice guys … Jimmy Soul from The Mob, wrote a couple of songs for them … I loved “Susan” because it was written for one of my girlfriends during the Whiskey days!!…  “Susie Creamcheese”


Yep, that’s Wayne Cochran at Smoky Joe’s …. yeah!  GREAT  Band, he was the white soul brother …they played the theater above The Pussycat … all us waitresses made really good $$$ when they were there.  Last time he was there, he walked right off the stage and the band followed him down Rush St. …. and so did the audience!  Thankfully, they returned or we would have been stuck with the tabs.  T-Don, trumpet player … be still my heart!

20 responses to “Rush Street music

  • Marissa Manos

    You mean all this good stuff was going on while I was busy being engaged, then married, and baking chocolate chip cookies???!!!
    Now we want the back stories on all this fun!

  • Paul Reis

    Oh my gosh! I think I still have a Rotary Connection poster from an old album. I have to dig it out. The Buckinghams just appeared at the local Homewood, IL Starry Nights concert. I believe there were only two guys, but I’m not sure because I didn’t attend. Love these old photos, Judy! And I love that “Susan” was written for one of your friends. Always liked that song. Keep this stuff coming, friend.

  • Lois L. Waterhouse

    Amazing that you had those pictures from the good old days. They are fantastic, I can’t wait to hear more. Wish things were that much fun now. I dont think that the kids of today will ever have as much fun as we had on Rush Street. Keep up the good work. Really enjoying your blog.

  • Susan Ruane

    Can’t believe you remember all that stuff and have all the pictures.
    Had lots of fun reading everything. Hope you are doing well.

    Susie Creamcheese

  • DawnLeeWakefield

    Great memories and well written!

  • Carol Trimble

    The Green Men band played behind us girls at Bourbon Street. The wife of one of the musicians was a featured dancer and singer. They moved to Vegas, drove buses for the school district; that’s where Jim and I settled. From Chicago, to North Hollywood and then Vegas makes me wonder how our lives took similar paths. : ) My memories of being on the road with the Buddy’s Band makes me feel like creating my own blog. : )

    • taylorandracine

      Hey Carol … i sent you an email a while ago. Where do you live in Las Vegas? We certainly did take the same path, weird. don’t know any of the guys in the Buddy Rich Band. I need to get back to my blog, I’ve been a little lazy for a while … did you subscribe to my site, if so you will be notified when something new is added. How did you find my blog … and did you read all of it, or just the Rush St. Day?

  • joyce

    Extremely well written. I love the ‘Rush Street Days’! Do you have more photos? Have you thought of publishing in book form?

    • taylorandracine

      Thanks, Joyce … how did you find my blog? Yes, I have tons of photos. I’ve been told many times that I should write a book … the thought is too daunting for me. And … I’ve been negligent the last few months and have not written … I need to get on it soon. Did you read the entire blog, or just Rush St. Days … do you know Rush St., are you from Chicago?

      • Joyce

        Hi Judy,
        I was looking for some photos and stumbled onto your blog. Again, it’s AWESOME and I have read the entire blog, probably several times. Seriously, you should write a book! I am from Chicago but, Northwest Side. You might know a friend of mine from Rush Street, Anthony DeMonte(?).

      • taylorandracine

        Sorry I didn’t write sooner …and thanks so much for the lovely comments … and for reading the entire blog … most people only read a specific section. I’ve been told many times I should write this in book form … just the thought of it is overwhelming. Hmmm… don’t think I knew Anthony DeMonte … what years did he work on Rush St. … and where … or did he just hang out. Do you still live in Chicago, if so, where? Thanks again … did you sign up so you can be notified next time there’s something new? My next story is about my days at MTM, it’s gonna take a lot of prep work … one of my fav jobs ever .. so it’s gonna take a while to get it together. Judy

  • Carie Mahoner

    I’ve just spent multiple hours reading *everything* on your blog and it is simply wonderful. My Step-Sister, who grew up in the Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood, is always researching something Chicago-related and stumbled across your blog… she thought is was great reading and thought I might enjoy it. She was right! Thank you, for sharing your amazing life.

    • taylorandracine

      Carrie … you have no idea how much your comments mean to me … I always love feedback, but not enough people actually tell me when they read my blog, or comment on it … THANK YOU! It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I just finished a piece and will have it up some time this week, waiting for the pics to be inserted. Also, please thank your step sister for recommending me … are either of you from Chicago? Even tho I haven’t lived there since 1969, it will always be my home … my best friends are still there. Thanks again … you made my day!

      • Carie Mahoner

        HI Judy! Yes, we both live here… well she lives in the SW suburbs and I live downtown. Loved your entry re: your girlfriends. There’s nothing more precious than friendships that withstand the tests of time!

  • Charlie Newton

    Hi Judy
    Love the blog. Grew up on the Northside in the 50s/60s–Rush Street or the Regal Theater at night & Maxwell and Halsted on Sunday afternoons were as cool as it got. Am about to write the Wayne Cochran biography. Would like to chat about Wayne when you have time.
    Email me at

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