7/23/11 – I just read that Borders is closing their 400 stores, and 11,000 employees will be out of work … and the reason they named, is ebook!  It’s unbelievable to me that people don’t want to hold a newspaper, book or magazine in their hands to read … just the feel and the look of the paper in my hand are wonderful.  I love reading the newspaper in the morning, even though it’s the Review-Journal (miss the LA Times) … I always look forward to reading the Sunday paper and  watching CBS Sunday Morning … it’s my Sunday ritual.  I love when I my receive my magazines in the mail … Vanity Fair(gorgeous magazine, articles too long) People (I know, it’s cheesy, but I love it) and TV Guide … I would get Time too, but they raised the price much too high.  My dad sold newspapers/magazines on the corner of Randolph/Canal in front of Union Station for 50 years … and never missed a day … he also delivered proofs for the Sun-Times … so newspapers are important in my life.  I can’t imagine what’s going to happen with so many publishing houses going under, it’s horrible.


  • Paul Reis

    Hi, Judy — enjoying the blog. Did not get a notification that anything new had posted, though. Hope this helps!


  • Janet DeLorenzo

    Judarama: Love your blog! What a great fun life you have had so far. I don’t remember you working for Billy Jack! I loved that movie. You are going to have to share that dirt with me:) So glad you are doing this. I have always loved all of your great stories. oxoxo Janet

  • Joey

    Hey aunt I still have the sings from Randolph/Cannel

  • Donald

    Judy, just WOW…it’s Donald, your Trader Joe’s shopping buddy from Tennessee:)

    • taylorandracine

      You’re the best … how much did you read … and did you start at the beginning?? The newer stuff is at the top, so it’s best to read bottom to top, each installment is dated. But … the beginning … “The Old Neighborhood” reads top to bottom … it’s my fav …

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